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Compute This Scoring
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Compute This! – Sample Scoring Rubric

Completeness and Accuracy of Quantitative Data Collected (20 Pts.)

  • Correct X and Y Axis Data Points in Data Table (n Pts. each)
  • Correct Units of Measure (n Pts., if conversion required)


Completeness, Accuracy, and Format of Graphical Presentation (30 Pts.)

  • Correct Graph Format (n Pts.)
  • Title Above Graph (n Pts.)
  • X-Axis Properly Labeled (n Pts.)
  • Y-Axis Properly Labeled (n Pts.)
  • Legend Exists (n Pts.)
  • At Least One Data Point Plotted (n Pts. each)


Answers and URL’s Associated with Short Answer Questions (50 Pts.)

  • Correct Answers with Valid URL’s (n Pts. each)


Tie Breakers are:

(1)   Short Answer Questions,

(2)   Quantitative Data Collected, and

(3)   Overall Graphical Quality (Subjective if Necessary).


Time is not a Tie Breaker.


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